While our primary service is providing space for independent trainers  to grow their own businesses, we also work with exercise enthusiasts looking to train. We can match you with one of our seasoned trainers, feel free to contact us.

Evolve your business • Control your website • Evolve your business • Control your website • Evolve your business • Control your website •

Evolve your business • Control your website • Evolve your business • Control your website • Evolve your business • Control your website •




Sports Performance
Fat Loss

METL workouts are designed to deliver targeted results based on your goals. This is achieved by taking a systematic approach to addressing any mobility issues first and then building your strength and power from there. We then continue this process by improving your conditioning and also providing basic nutritional support. Through our sustainable training, we help you achieve your goals while keeping you injury-free. Our members come to us to build themselves up while remaining injury free. You won't see us implementing "cool stuff for the gram". Our approach is backed by the latest sports science and evuidence.

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Independent Trainers

1v1 Training
Strength Training

We’ve created four rack spaces that house your all your working equipment so you won't have to share. These spaces will promote efficiency when working with clients. In addition to the rack with a barbell, bumper plates, and your own 12 x 15 floor space, the working equipment at your rack include a set of weights .5 lb - 33Lbs, knee pads, yoga blocks, sliders, landmine, hip thrust pad, suspension trainer, knee bands, resistance bands, foam roller, and a lacrosse ball. Dumbbells 35lbs and above are also available along with med balls, kettlebells, prowler, sled, row, ski, cable machine, and specialty bars. After your first 20 sessions at METL you are granted access and use the Styku bodyfat scanner for your clients. Trainers/coaches will be required to carry their own liability insurance. If you need referrals we are able to help with leads as well. We currently have a wait list of clients who may fit your schedule. Contact us to set up a tour and/or to get set up with an account.

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Independent Trainers

Custom Programming Solutions

Team Culture
By the hour

At METL, we specialize in creating custom programming solutions to meet your goals whether that be fat loss, increasing sports performance or just getting in shape for everyday life. Our signature program consists of strength training, specifically targeted conditioning (cardio), and basic nutritional support. We also feature an in-house Sports Nutritionist if you would like some support developing a nutrition plan.

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Custom Programming Solutions

What we do

for you


Strength is the cornerstone of any effective program. We will build a progressive plan based on your goals..


Whether you're trying to cut time from a 5K or not gas out during endurance activities, we will track performance to build your aerobic & anaerobic engine.

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Personal Plans

A customized, complete solution with strength, cardio and nutrition programming laid out in an easy to follow format..


strength method

Our Training Methodology is unique and personalized
Discovery Meeting
Let’s get the ball rolling!
At this phase, we will discuss:  
(1) your goals
(2) your products or services and
(3) your customers.
This will enable us to optimize the website for effective conversion and your branding.
UX Design + Content Strategy
Time to structure your baby*
We will design the skeletal structure (wireframes) of the site to better craft the user experience and understand what content will best communicate your product or service.
*no baby is harmed in making websites
Visual Design (UI)
Let’s ignite your brand!
We will be translating our structure into your desired visual direction that successfully communicates your brand and products or service.
Webflow Development
Bringing our ideas to life!
It’s time to create your desired responsive website using Webflow’s custom build & web design system. We will then integrate Webflow’s CMS to enable easy updates.
Launching +Training
Release it to the world...
We will go over the things you need to know about your website with 1-on-1 training to get you equipped. And at last, it’s time to launch your baby to the world!
Initial Consult
Let us know your goals
During our initial consult we will discuss:  
(1) your goals
(2) your current challenges
(3) you lifestyle requirments.
This will enable us to optimize your training to ensure you receive a personalized program
We Build your program
Structure and plan
After we know your training history, lifestyle and any challenges you might be facing, we will build you a unique program to help you achieve the goals you established and what you are working towards!
Track your performance
We then get to work! Programs will accommodate what you are doing outside of METL as well, and together we will track and monitor your progress.
Ongoing Adjustments
Optimize your programming
We set milestones to ensure that you are on track and at each point along the journey, we help to fine tune and make any necessary changes to ensure you are on your way to achieving your goals! 
Hit your goals!
Decide to stay with us or take your program with you
Typically we see results in 4-6 weeks, but everyone has different goals, so your time with us will be dependent on you. Once you understand the routines, feel free to take your program and train by yourself - however most of our clients continue to train at METL for the community, to further build their skills, and learn other training techniques.

It’s time to have control
over your Website

The traditional way of waiting for developers and constantly running around the hassle of website development  is a thing of the past.

This is why we use Webflow, a visual custom website builder with a flexible Content Management System. It’s simply the tool of the future. You’ll love it.
Making updates on Webflow
Marketing and Design teams at these companies use Webflow
Logos of companies who use Webflow
Companies who use Webflow
Logos of companies who use Webflow

Behind the Screen

Hey there!

Angel Rex Masada

Hi! I’m Rex, I help businesses around the globe (just like yours) in addressing their conversion problems. I provide them with creative and conversion strategies to represent their brand effectively online. Our output together could either be a website, landing page, or a marketing strategy.

And yes, I’m an angel!😁

Web Design (UI/ux)
webflow development
Graphic Design
Digital marketing
Sales funnel

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